Your brand is in constant communication with your target audience. In fact there are theoretically infinite communication methods for reaching your audience, and it pays to know what your most valuable strategies are. Yes your logo is important, so are your website and targeted marketing pieces. But the underlying message tying these all together is the most important, and often underrated element of the entire brand. Your goal is to tell the world you are here, you plan to stay, and you’d like to be a part of their lives. Client communication anchors and amplifies this statement — it elevates your brand from a business to an experience. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar company or a week old business with big vision, a thoughtful client communication strategy will guarantee an engaging experience for your audience.  

The components that make up communication strategy humanize your brand, making it more relatable to clients. If you are a new business owner, you’ll likely be whipping up your client communication strategy from scratch. Let’s take a closer look at a recent client who had an ingenious idea for a business, but no strategy to deliver it to her audience.


Meet Canine Cuties

Canine Cuties is an in-home pet service, which means the relationship between pet-nannies and pet owners is extremely delicate. This new business was founded by a lively, caring woman, Alex Guitron. She has created a business that allows pet lovers to love their dogs when they can’t be home themselves. 

Building a personable, trusting relationship with clients from the start became a crucial part of this company’s communication strategy. No matter the route the potential client takes to experience the brand–the website, a phone call or even through word of mouth–Canine Cuties needed a client communication strategy that immediately eases the worried minds of pet owners.

Call Scripts. Canine Cuties works with families, busy professionals and pet lovers to ensure their pets are cared for with the same loving and attentive details when they are away. Phone call meetings and updates are a primary communication method for this brand, so we created a basic script for employees to follow during calls. This ensures vital topics are covered, while also showcasing the fun and friendly vibe of the brand right from the start.

Custom Care Plan. Canine Cuties is serious about customized care, and that needed to be illustrated in a careful manner. So we created the Custom Care Plan.

client communication marketing

Speaking to Several Audiences. Pet owners vary in lifestyle. Some are frequent out-of-towners, traveling the world for business or leisure. Others work 80-hour jobs across town. Whatever the situation, Canine Cuties needs to speak directly to every potential client who could benefit from their service.

client communication marketing


Pet-Nanny Notes. Who doesn’t love surprise notes? This company is personable and attentive, and we wanted pet owners to feel this when they finally come home to see their pet.  So we created pet-nanny notes, a handwritten note card updating pet owners how the visit went. Canine Cuties also provides text and picture updates, so you know what your pet is up to while you’re away.



The Website. The website it laid out in user-friendly steps so the pet-owner can leave feeling informed and confident that this company is well-suited for the job.

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client communication marketing


client communication marketing

Visit Canine Cuties for the full site experience. Want to learn more about the influence of branding? Check out our recent post, Branding Influences Everything.