Are you passionate or just a prick? Take the Quiz!

Some people live with a zest for life. We call them passionate. Are you one of the angelic few?

It’s fall. You’re all headed to the park for a game of friendly footy ball. Your friend offers you a ride, but you say you’d rather walk and enjoy the autumn leaves. Are you:

1. Passionate about self reflection and nature
2. A prick for using “autumn”

The family is playing board games, which you love. Someone new is at the table (exciting), and you jump at the chance to explain the game to them. Are you:

1. Passionate about rules
2. A prick, because you forced everyone to play board games

Shoot, you’re out of groceries AGAIN, so obviously you grab your reusable bags and head to the grocery store. Are you:

1. Passionate about the environment
2. A prick for flaunting your designer food totes

Steelers are on, you put on your jersey to watch the game. Are you:

1. Passionate
2. The only reason you are a Steelers fan is because you got that Jersey for Christmas when you were 6. You’re a prick. Everyone from Pittsburgh is a prick.

A friend wants to meet for drinks and you know the PERFECT spot. It’s quiet, the service is delightful. The drinks are a little pricey, but who cares? It’s payday! Are you:

1. Passionate about supporting small niche businesses
2. A prick for suggesting the most expensive spot in town

It’s Christmas (and Hanukkah), and your family has decided to put price caps on gifts this year. But you just can’t help yourself. The spirit of Christmas (or Hanukkah) is pulsing through your veins. You buy all your siblings the latest Macbook pro and your mother a diamond necklace. For dad? A membership to the swanky country club so he can test out his new golf set. Are you:

1. Passionate about taking care of your family
2. A prick -- the price cap was $20.

All 6 questions completed!

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Are you passionate or just a prick? Take the Quiz!

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