Isidro Alves - Sand Hil DairyBUSINESS TAKES INTEGRITY.

Meet Isidro Alves. He came to us for labels. But what he really needed was a new approach to doing things the old fashioned way.

In 2003 this bullish owner bought 95 cows and started family-run, Fallon-based Sand Hill Dairy. 11 years later he had 500 of them, helping produce the freshest natural-fed, hormone-free, farm-made milk & cheese you’d ever “herd” of. Or rather, that you probably hadn’t. Their product was superb. And the demand was out there. But Sand Hill Dairy needed a brand.

We conducted a focus group to pinpoint what consumers would want to buy and what they’d want to know. Then we wrangled some “impossibly fresh” messaging, hatched heritage-honoring imagery, built them a web presence and the brand recognition they needed to mooove into a growing base of stores and restaurants around Northern Nevada.

It’s been an honor helping the Alves Family cultivate their dream and deliver it to the world.

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