Craig Witt - Full Circle Soils & CompostBUSINESS TAKES GRIT.

Meet Farmer Craig Witt. Craig came to us for a full rebrand in early 2015.

Based in Gardnerville, NV, his family company — Full Circle Compost — had made all-natural soils and compost for 20+ years.

But their brand was scattered. Their marketing and image didn’t reflect the unmatched quality of his products or the experience of his team.

So we rebranded them Full Circle Soils & Compost and gave it the swift kick in the plants it needed to REALLY grow. We re-rooted everything from product names and packaging to store displays and contracts. We helped plot their long-term marketing strategy. We even transplanted their sales structure over to a distributor-based model.

We love working with them, and just look how they’ve sprung up.

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