Tres Benzley - Caliber Hair & Makeup StudioBUSINESS TAKES STYLE.

Meet Tres Benzley, Master Stylist & Global Educator.

Tres started Caliber. A salon with beyond-expertly trained stylists. A stunning vision for what hair & makeup could be.

What he needed was a brand. One that echoed his industry-shattering message, reflected his staff’s visually-driven brilliance, and turned heads. So we grabbed our styling scissors and got to work.

We bottled owner Tres Benzley’s bold ideas into a captivating voice, look & feel — our Code. Then we cranked up the spotlight with a fearless new website, eye-popping ads, the sleekest business cards imaginable, and Facebook campaigns that exploded their likes from a few hundred up to 1150+ in just a couple months.

We love working with business owners like Tres. Passionate big-thinkers who’ve created something truly special, and who are ready for us to help them command the attention they deserve.

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