Owners Ali Alden & Bill West ran separate successful businesses and collaborated for the better part of a decade before merging and launching Bareknuckle. Tired of watching businesses sink beneath the debris of disjointed branding and marketing from less-than-honest agencies, the two owners anchored Bareknuckle in their sharply defined values. They had a vision. They had a purpose.

They began by recruiting a team of capable scrappers, strategists and storytellers. A team that goes all in for our clients. We take the gloves off and get a lot of sweat in our eyes while we design, write, support, strategize, fight and execute for you.

We’ve got your back. Your legacy is on the line. Let’s go.


  • We do what we say we’re going to do.
  • We’re wildly capable.
  • We’re not jerks.
  • We’re here for you.
  • We’re bursting with fresh ideas.
  • We’ll always tell you the truth. 
    We make Honest Abe look like a damn liar.


Ali Alden a.k.a “Dream Machine”
Owner, Lead Designer, Miracle Worker

Never one to take ‘no’ for an answer, this firecracker is ignited by lots of things, including helping others reach their wildest business dreams, designs that make you go “Oooooooo!” and any competitive games she can beat you at (even Tic-Tac-Toe).

  • Schooled in Graphic Communications, entrepreneurial since childhood (e.g. sold bird feeders made from toilet paper rolls)
  • Proudest Paradox: Bringing the “artsy-fartsy” side to business, but NOT the dreadlocks and tie-dye
  • Loves: dreamers (like herself), branding, Abe Lincoln, dreaming of herself branding Abe Lincoln



Bill “The Bee’s Nest” West
Owner, Lead Writer, Eyebrow Raiser

Growing up in the sticks of Oklahoma, this yokel moved west to find writing inspiration through rock-n-roll, people with scars, the trouble his quick tongue got him into and drinking craft beer (which he believes also includes Pabst if it’s on draft).

  • Taught at University of Nevada and University of Phoenix: Persuasive Writing, Communication
  • Master’s Prospectus: Helping People Write Their Loved Ones’ Eulogies
  • Favorites: Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes (novel), WaterWorld (movie), KISS (band)
Margaret “Mags” Chiarelli
Keeper Of Print; Junior Designer

Sharp, spunky and boundlessly creative, Margaret can spot an uneven line of type from miles away. Boston bred, she slips into an angry Bostonian accent when you ask her opinion of clip art.

    •  Favorite Reno Oddity: Picon Punch
    • Guiltless Pleasures: Bob Ross, YouTube yoga, basement free-jam sessions with her boyfriend.



Taylor “The Wit Wonder” Riedeman
Writer; Content Chameleon

Whether she’s performing with her improv comedy troupe or deftly juggling brand voices at her keyboard, Taylor is our shape-shifting wordsmith. A note of caution: keep back 10-feet at all times due to physically animated “A-Ha” moments.

  • Desk “Musts”: Concentration toys, chocolate, black coffee
  • Loves: trail running, 90’s comedy specials, handwritten notes, “Wellness” challenges